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07/04/2009 - -

Planes, Trains and Taxi’s


Just as I thought I’d be late as usual with my updates from the other side of the hemisphere. Perhaps I should be dubbed the serially late blogger?


It has been a very hectic these last 12 days with journeys, journeys, journeys either by plane, train or taxi. It’s always exciting working abroad and the dream of many. I’m fortunate to do this a few times a year.


The heat is of scorching intensity with rivulets of sweat dripping like water. The value of water is certainly realised and appreciated at times like this.


My first task was to visit beneficiary organizations and assess progress and utilization of gifts sent previously and how our current donations will be used for the benefit of rural people in need. I had the immense pleasure of distributing toys, I’d sneaked in my suitcase, to physically challenged children (pics to follow later).


The next step was to fly out to Kerala to meet with members of the orgainsation supporting this consignment to discuss the details and finalise documents necessary for customs clearance. Kerala is a lush green expanse more popularly known as “God’s own country” due to historical/myths of incarnations. No comment on this.


With my second weekend here over yesterday I initiated customs clearance processes. The procedures for clearance in India is long and involved with half a dozen signatures required at every stage of the process. Naturally this does not make for speed. I have been assured that it will take 3 days. If this follows through it will not only be a first but a miracle. I’ll keep you posted.


Tomorrow morning will see me at the customs offices at 10am…………watch this space……………………...

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