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“We are delighted we can make use of  our end of ranges, samples and split case goods through Giving World Online," Anthony Wagman, Chief Executive, Quest Personal Care Global Ltd.


"It's great to see the range of projects we have helped through Giving World Online and how much difference it makes," Gary Bates, Managing Director, Serif (Europe) Ltd.


"We are pleased that by donating this furniture to Giving World Online we are helping good causes and preventing landfill," Hilary Fryer, Charnwood Borough Council Cabinet Member for the Environment.


“This helps both businesses and communities and is an excellent and unique concept,” Martin Traynor, Chief Executive, Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce.


“Think of Giving World Online as a sort of dating agency; a marriage bureau that matches the needy with the givey to create relationships made in recycling heaven,” Leicester Mercury.

news > 27/06/2012 - It's official: Giving World Online meets essential needs

Items at Giving World

Following a recent survey of beneficiaries, a resounding 95% of all respondents confirmed that the items they have received through Giving World Online fill essential needs.

In the last 4 months, surveys have been distributed through partner organisations and feedback collated from 1,950 people that received donated goods between September 2011 and April 2012.

Those surveyed included families on low incomes, parents and children fleeing violence, single and teenage parents, adults with disabilities, people suffering mental health problems, homeless people and elderly people. People suffering disadvantage or living in poverty often have difficulty obtaining essential life items. This could be for financial reasons, health issues or concerns about violence.

Almost half reported that they always had difficulty meeting their living costs, with over 90% having difficulty at least some of the time, so basic essentials such as toiletries, bedding, clothing, cleaning materials and toys were invaluable in helping them stretch their budgets.

55% reported an improvement in at least one of the following areas: confidence, independence, skills, health, relationships with family/friends, living accommodation or employment opportunities, with a similar number stating that receiving the goods made them feel less isolated from their communities and that someone cares.

It's clear from the results that the generous donations from companies of items that they no longer need, want or are no longer a priority for sales, make a tremendous impact to the daily lives of our beneficiaries.

If your business has end of line products, ex-samples or ex-merchandising, please consider donating the items to benefit your local community. Contact Brian Langton,, for further details or register at

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